Who We Are

The Oregon Community College Library Association (OCCLA) is composed of the directors or functional equivalents of the 17 community college libraries in Oregon. The purpose of this organization is to promote and improve the instructional support services of Oregon community college libraries, learning resource centers, media departments, and other departments with related educational goals.

Our Vision

of the Community College Library in Oregon

The community college library—the learning commons—will be a welcoming learning space on campus:

  • A lively, student-centered space for advancing social interactions and dialogue with all types of learning and the world of information
  • A helpful place for students to come to enhance their knowledge with librarians who assist them in finding, locating and evaluating information resources
  • An intellectual center ensuring equitable access: to quality, cost-effective resources in a variety of formats, to technology and to services that students need
  • A collaborative space for students, faculty and librarians fostering self-sufficiency and lifelong learning in research and academic competencies across the disciplines
  • A comfortable campus space for individual and group work as well as for quiet study in a cultural/educational environment